Selling A Home

Sarasota Bay Luxury Properties, Inc. will evaluate the value of your home that is real to the current market trends of your area. Popular web sites do not gather detailed information specific to each property; therefore, one can not depend on a general price value when using these sites. i.e. Jimmy and Carol bought a piece of land near the city limits and built a new 3 bedroom 3 bath home that was concrete block and barrel tile roof. After a year Carol searched the web to see what the value of her home was worth and was shocked at the dollar amount estimated. It was much lower than what they actually paid to build the home. It turns out that a few houses down the block and around the immediate neighborhood had several homes that were built several years prior and constructed out of wood (frame homes) and some were even elevated from the ground. Because search sites only use general information they do not have specific criteria to evaluate the value of each home. These popular web sites may be better used in new neighborhoods or newly constructed areas where all the homes are similar, but even then, no two homes are exactly alike. That is why it is imperative to obtain a reputable real estate company who will perform a comparative market analysis, specific to your invested property when planning to sell. See additional tips when selling your home.

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